Latest Meeting

April 15, 2019

Scholarship Awards Dinner (Stan/Wayne) – This year’s event was attended by 145 people. Great food, drink, music and friends! After all expenses the net for the event was $7,756. This was our highest net accomplishment yet! Many thanks to all our great sponsors this year along with the many auction donors. The Chinese auction was fun for a first time trial. May do both silent and Chinese auction next year with the live auction included. Loved the intro music by Laurie Vonasek, Dr. Paul Hanebutt and Dr. Bob Thomas from 5:30 to 6:30. Thanks so much!

Point to Point (Julie) – Event will be held at Winterthur on May 5. DEC will have tent with kids’ activities and also have a tailgate area. Let Julie know if you would like to purchase tickets. Normal tickets are $50 per person, but since we have the tent availability we are allowed 14 tickets with 2 being free. Julie will prorate the other 12 tickets depending on how many are requested. Price could come down to around $35-$40 each. If you are attending, please plan to help out with the children’s activities so that others can have a break.

ZOE Ministries with Tammy Holland – ZOE (Greek meaning is Life) Ministries is a 501(c) (3) organization whose purpose is to provide safety and rehabilitate minors who are victims of sex trafficking. The organization was started seven years ago by Yolanda Schlabach, Tammy Holland, and Sharon Stevens. Phase 1 is to develop an equine ranch for female sex trafficking victims. The Salvation Army will partner to take care of the adult women and ZOE will take care of the female children. ZOE is looking for someone to join the team as an equine manager of all logistics involving the horses. The goal is to have licensed mental health professionals also. They are in the process of looking for land now and are meeting with land owners on Wednesday to discuss options. Hoping to purchase land in mid-state in order to equally assist with sex trafficking problems throughout the entire state... Visit